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Welcome to Prishita Solution ! We make printing and gifting easy.

We are India's largest print-on-demand platform with a vision to be the world's largest. We have over 20 years of experience in the print industry, provide our service across Inidian cities, and have serviced more than hundreds of customers online & offline.
Small, medium and large enterprises, creators and consumers today depend on Prishita Solution to deliver high-quality print services and ship across India.

Prishita Solution Story

Prishita Solution was founded by a motley crew from Ahmedabad - a life science graduate and software engineer who knew little about software, and even less about print! Soon joined by a few more diehards, including a print engineer and a pre-press expert (finally, someone from print!). The founding team was disappointed with the lack of professional print services for young businesses and individuals, most of whom had orders that were too small for the higher quality printers.
What was initially started out as a print store only for businesses, eventually became a store that provided printing services to all. It was born out of a vision to create a place run by happy people who delivered happy customers and catered to the printing needs of everyone. Today, Printo is a business known for its steadfast service and colourfast printing.

We can't wait to hear from you!

If you would like to know more about us, send us an email at and we'll answer your queries. Remember, we go the extra mile to bring innovative ideas that make printing easy and fun. Try us and experience the difference!

What does Prishita Solution do?

Prishita Solution is a retail chain that offers print and personalized gift services under one roof. We aim to make printing a hassle-free process for both business customers and individuals. We work with you to create anything from business cards, letterheads, packaging, marketing brochures or exhibition banners. We have a library of templates for you to choose from to make invitations cards, create personalized gifts and process photo prints at great prices.
Our mission is two-fold. Firstly, it is to put a smile on the customer's face by making their printing experience easy. The other is to achieve scalability and efficiency without compromising the quality of the service.

Our Products Range